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How to Be Delivered from Spiritual Sickness

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

I am so excited because I have been talking to the Holy Spirit about certain things and why people struggle with their walk with God every day. What really takes place? Because I see other religions, I see. Even Muslims don't struggle to pray, they pray five times a day, and nothing is limiting them. But when it comes to Christianity, specifically Christianity, people have a hard time spending time with God. They're constantly distracted. It's like we have this lack of interest and being able to devote ourselves and building our relationship with God. And it was a big question in my heart, and I'm asking the Holy Spirit, why? What is taking place in the spiritual realm that's limiting us from having time with God? And that was my question to him. And an amazing answer came into my spirit, amazing answer. And he said, Lily, people are dealing with spiritual flu, spiritual flu. I said, What does that mean? What do you mean, spiritual flu, Holy Spirit? What do you mean, people are dealing with spiritual flows? And the answer continued, and it was, and the Lord was revealing, to me, that just the same way people are dealing with their physical body, they're catching a sickness, flu. And they experience they're experiencing different things. Like lack of smell like, or like, you know, not to fully have the energy to talk to somebody or hear somebody, you're physically tired. All of the things that happens to your physical body when you're sick. It takes place in your spirit, man. And I said That's very interesting. I've never looked at it that way. Because I've been myself in a place where I have struggled in the past, with my relationship with God, I was, I didn't have the energy to pray, I pray 10 minutes, and it was so long from you, I fall asleep. Even worship time, as much as I loved worshiping as much as I love singing. When it comes to church, I was always tired, and I didn't have the energy. I've always waited to leave the church so I can have fun with my friends. And what I looked forward to was just the socializing and just being able to see people, than spending time with God, and that hunger was in there that thirst just knowing who he was, and finding myself in him, that desire wasn't there. And I know, if I deal with it, many people are so dealing with it or dealing with it right now. So I just wanted to encourage someone and for you to know what takes place in the spiritual realm when you are dealing with this spiritual flu. So when if you are now dealing with this, these are the symptoms that are taking place with you. When you are praying, whether you're falling asleep or you're getting so much distracting around a distraction around you that you can't keep going. Your prayer life is really low right now. Or you're not able to hear the voice of God, and you're not able to read your word for a long time or even spend time with the Lord. These are the signs of the spiritual flu, where you can't have a daily devotional time with the Lord. And you're struggling with it every day. So if you are having these symptoms, again, these things that you see in your lives when I see symptoms, then that means there are things that God needs to cleansing and in such a free front and be able to heal you from so that your spear mat is strengthened today, that your spirit man has the power and the ability to be able to wake up and to have that energy to spend time with God. Because without spending time with him without being able to get to know him, then you don't know yourself. How do you know how you were created without spending time with the creator? How do you know what you're supposed to do today or tomorrow or your future, though? If you're not spending time with the one that created the past, the present and the future, how do you know who you are in general and what you're supposed to do? In life when he's the one that wrote your future, and that he has designed everything, for he is the architect of everything. So if you're not spending time with him, that means your life right now is that pause. It's that pause. So I was taken back to the time when I was preparing to pray. So I woke up in the morning, and I took a shower because I wanted to be fresh, and I wanted to have the energy to spend time with God. And I got in my bed, and I opened my Bible. And five to 10 minutes later, I was knocked out; I was asleep. And then I got into a trance. When I got into trance now, my room was so loud, really, really loud. And, and when I looked, I saw two spirits standing and having a conversation; this conversation was so demonic. So demonic, I was irritated and asking the Holy Spirit to allow me to get out of this trance. But the Holy Spirit was allowing me to see these things and what actually takes place when we open our Bible, and we are ready to pray, read, and be able to be fat with the Word of God. So when I, as I was praying, I was saying, Holy Spirit, get me out of it, get me out of it. And as I was rebuking it, because the sound was very disturbing to my spirit, as I came out, the holy and then I asked the Holy Spirit, teach me the Holy Spirit, what just took place. And I was very frustrated because the language that I heard in the presence in that room was very disturbing to me. And the Holy Spirit was teaching me, the woman, you open your Bible; these are the spirits that come to distract you. You see, I know a lot of you have experienced this The moment you open your Bible, you know, your phone rings, the moment you open your Bible, you start itching, you get sleepy, you're tired, or even somebody knocks at your door and tries to distract you. There's always a distraction that takes place when you're ready to pray when you're about to read your work. Always something happens when I'm about to start praying. And at this time, we think it's physical because, you know, how can somebody call me it's just a coincidence, or somebody knocking at the door, there are spiritual forces that are controlling things at all times around you. So you see, the enemy doesn't want you to spend time with God. Because he knows the moment, you start spending time with him. Now you will discover who you are. And the enemy is not afraid of the things that you don't know. But the moment you figure out who you are, now you understand the power that you carry. Now he's scared of that, and the true knowledge of who you are in Christ, the moment you understand that he knows that you can defeat him. And, and not only that, he knows that you will see that he's already defeated. So you're not really worried about the things that he does. So I was asking the Holy Spirit's. So indeed, these things take place in every person's life. So every person that opens their Bible and tries to pray, that means spirits are surrounding us. So what do we do? And the Spirit of God was teaching me he said, people have to start praying before they read their word. These are spiritual battles that take place before you go to church. You need to pray and be able to empower your spirit, awaken your spirit. Even when you get to church. A lot of times, people miss prayer time. You know, every church has a prayer time before they get into worship and the word. You don't see people coming to prayer. The body of Christ doesn't like to pray at all. Prayer has become boring to them. They feel like it's from work. But people don't understand the power of prayer and the breakthroughs that you get in through prayer. And one of the things is it clears out your environment and your atmosphere, and it clears that out for you where now you can directly talk to God and your spirit. And God's spirit is now connected. But if you're not praying now, the spiritual flu that you have, there is no cure for it. And the cure for it is prayer. And as you pray now, it's the flu is a demon that I'm talking about that gets to get rid of, you know, that heaviness that you feel when you're in church, that heaviness that you feel when you're at home, even when you try to play and when you're about to fall asleep, that no longer comes and hovers over you because that prayer what it does is it releases angels in your life. So they're angels with you every single day, and you're asking Wait, how could a witch come and attack me when my angels are active when I'm my angels are with me? How did I get attacked by demonic force? Why did this demon touch me when I was sleeping? When God says I have angels that are walking with me every day, people love God. Angels cannot do anything without you giving them the permission to hear me close. You have the license in your tongue to be able to confess that They are things. So when you speak, you give angels access. You give angels the permission now to protect you because it's your words they come to fulfill. Okay? So when you speak the Word of God, when you are praying and declaring things in the spiritual realm, then you have angels now they come in, they manifest that into the physical. But if you're not praying, then you know you're dealing with spiritual flu. Now your spirit man is always sick and is not able to recover from it. Because every day you're killing your spirit men and what you're strengthening when you do that is the flesh in the flesh will do everything that it wants to do, and the flesh wants nothing to do with God, I tell you. So today, I encourage somebody to wake up and to pray, and to seek after God and to be able to to get healed from this spiritual fluid that you're dealing with every day that is limiting you from seeing the truth from seeing who God is and from for you to see who you are in Christ. So I pray this message encouraged you that today you will start to truly just run after God's heart because he is there, ready to reveal to you and give you many extraordinary things in your life. You are blessed and highly favored. This is Lily Java, signing out. God bless you

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Misty Pfitzer
Misty Pfitzer
Apr 09, 2023

WOW. 🤯🙌😝😬🤓😮 You just gave me some revelations with this message, Prophetess! 🙌🔥🔥 You were able to articulate the message, in a very, easy-to-digest, format, that really resonates with me. I thank you for being willing to dedicate the time & energy, into creating this so that others are then set free. I just learned about you being from Ethiopia! I actually have friends with whom I was BEST FRIENDS with & grew up with, who also share your same birth place! 😀 I remember back to the 8th grade, when they would tell me different words in their native language of Amharic, & I would volunteer to help them improve their English reading proficiency 😅 So, I hold Ethiopia…


Woww, this was such a powerful read! Everything that you said happens to me when I prepare to read the Bible and has happened to me on more than one occasion. There's so many things that we can take from other religious beliefs and the idea that Muslims take the time out several times of the day regardless of what's going on to pray is one of them that I'm trying to practice. I will definitely apply your word of wisdom to pray prior to reading The Word in order to empower and awaken my spirit

Thank you Mama! You indeed are Blessed and Highly Favored. 😘

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