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Why is Marriage a Blessing?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Growing up, I always thought marriage was just about the attraction between a man and a woman, the love between them, and a way to build a family. Now having been happily married for half a decade I have been able to grow and get to know myself and what marriage means in a way I never thought I would. One thing I learned about marriage is that it is in fact a platform God uses to bless us, and break generational curses. Marriage is one opportunity for one to die to self, because walking with God means carrying the cross of Jesus and understanding you no longer live but Christ lives in you.

Without giving God a platform to train us on, one of those platforms being marriage, it will be very hard for us to understand how the kingdom of God works and how to be used by God. So I find marriage to be a wonderful and a blessed place where you can really humble yourself and grow and be molded by God himself. You will learn to put others first, to take care of others, you will also learn what it means to surrender all of your selfish desires and submit to one vision.

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2 Kommentare

What a beautiful way to express the Sanctity of marriage. Thankyou mama Lily. You are a true example and a mentor to us. May you impart that which you possess onto those of us who are still waiting for our purpose partners.

Gefällt mir

Beautifully written. My marriage is currently in an extreme challenge 😅. It is not easy. Pray that my husband and I will have victory in all the areas of our lives. And the biggest one is dying to self

Gefällt mir
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